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Remove Personal Information Examples

  Remove Personal Information Examples By default, every Microsoft Excel workbook stores some personal information that is hidden in the workbook itself or in the document’s properties (known as metadata). The different types of stored information may include: Your name Your initials Name of your company or organization The name of your computer The name… Read More »

A Simple Macro Examples

  A Simple Macro Examples In this article, you will learn how to create a simple Excel macro to automatically update external data connections and sources when you open your Excel file. External data sources that you may have linked to Excel workbooks or worksheets are MS Query Connections, Pivot Table Connections, or Web Queries.… Read More »

Examples Of Family Trees

  Examples Of Family Trees How many people do you know who wanted to research genealogies but just could not start? Genealogy is no different than scrap-booking. If you wait for the perfect time, or expect it without mistakes or mistakes, it will never happen. Of course, if you’ve been rummaging around online, you may… Read More »

Family Tree Example

  Family Tree Example Maybe you have thought about creating your own pedigree? Have you come across an example of a family tree, but have seen it as a big task and never seem to begin with it? No problem, creating a family tree is not difficult if you can stick to a few simple… Read More »

Free-Market Capitalism Unethical

  Free-Market Capitalism Unethical In the walls of the Rana Plaza building – a Bangladeshi factory complex – dangerous cracks had been discovered, but the staff had been instructed to continue working and to produce clothes for lucrative export to the West. Now over 900 people have died in the ruins of the collapsing building.… Read More »